1. Hi, I love Letter to Lisbon but i cant find guitar tabs anywhere. Could you post it if you have them ?? Please.

    That’s very sweet of you. I can try to write out some tabs, but in the meantime the song is basically just simple arpeggios over three chords: C, Am, F

  2. Are you working on any projects (other than The Mentalist, obviously)? Films, sketches, etc??

    I’m always trying to write films of my own and I’m working with a sketch comedy group in my spare time


    December 14, 2012

    For those of you who requested my song from The Mentalist:  I finally have it on iTunes… download yourself a copy!

    Thanks again for all the kind words,


  4. So a lot of you have expressed some interest in being able to listen to the song I wrote and recorded for this week’s episode of The Mentalist, “My Blue Heaven”.  I’m extremely flattered that you guys enjoyed it.  I’ll try to figure out a good way to let you guys download it, but for now here it is.  It’s titled “Letter to Lisbon”, and it can be heard in this episode over the scene when Jane is writing a letter to Lisbon as well as the scene when she is reading it.



    September 25, 2013

    There is a lot of great things about Los Angeles.  There really is.  However, one thing I’m not particularly keen about is the fact that there seems to be a very high concentration of terrible people here.  Now, it’s not just an L.A. thing.  I shouldn’t pick on one place.  But this city definitely seems to be a mecca for people who think they are entitled to just be assholes for any given reason.

    Hold up.  Before those of you who know what I do for a living jump to any conclusions: I’m not talking about my job.  I’m super lucky to work with an amazing group of people.  Our whole cast and crew is this wonderful family who all have each other’s backs and greet each other with a smile every morning.  Lucky me, because I know that is not always the case in this line of work.

    So that’s not what I’m talking about.  Instead, I’m kind of casting a wide net here over the general population of those who prey on people who can’t defend or explain themselves.  These are the worst kind of people.  They’re bullies, really… and the worst part is that they always seem to get away with it.  Here are a few common examples:

    The person who lays on the horn a fraction of a second a traffic light goes green:

    Dude.  Give me a break.  It JUST turned green.  Now I get that there are a few situations in which the driver in front of you was texting or staring at a sexy jogger or something.  Yeah, that person should probably concentrate on the task at hand (driving/not killing fellow drivers/etc).  But most of the time that isn’t the case.  Most of the time what’s going on is the signal from that persons eyes to their brain is still in route.  Give it that millisecond it needs.  Or maybe they were distracted by checking their clock for a second or they were scratching their head.  Who knows.  Honestly, if you’re running THAT late, then that’s your problem anyway.  Wake up earlier.  It’s not this persons fault you’re irresponsible.

    The person who treats their waiter/waitress poorly:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a story about this.  These people make me hope there is a hell.  I think most people in this country have no idea what it means to be a waiter or waitress.  How the pay works.  How dependent they are on tips.  What the job requires.  Etc.  Here is something I hear a lot of:  ”If this waiter/waitress doesn’t get me a refill in the next minute, I’m docking their tip”.  Holy shit.  I spent some time overseas and there’s no such thing as free refills over there!  You guys would lose your minds!  Just because THIS country spoils you most of the time, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to someone checking in on your drink every thirty seconds.  And honestly, if you’re that thirsty… like, you know, “dying of thirst” as you’ll probably put it, then just kindly ask your server for a refill.  So they can save your life.  They aren’t going to be like “no”.  Odds are they’re just a bit busy right now.  Or maybe they’re new and still trying to figure this out.  Also, I know we are all brought up with the idea of the “customer always being right” here in the states, but that’s just not true.  I’d say 75% of the time the customer is wrong.  So if you’re going to tear into your server just because you know you can due to the fact that they can’t say anything back without you getting a free meal or them being fired, then you’re just plain evil.  And really, I hate to discriminate… but it seems to be a lot of guys.  Guys on dates.  Dude, I realize your penis situation is a bummer, but this isn’t going to help that.  At all.

    People who think the universe owes them a certain quality life:

    Nope.  The universe owes you nothing.  Sorry, just the way it is.  Hey, just because things have been good in your life thus far doesn’t mean they’re going to be that way forever.  And just because you think you’re a great person, doesn’t mean the universe can pull some strings for you and hook you up.  No one should be able to play by their own set of rules unless they really REALLY earn it.  And that takes a TON of hard work.  I know it’s a cliche, but life’s not fair.  I can’t tell you how many people just can’t comprehend that.  The real sad thing is that your life is actually pretty amazing when you look at the big picture.  If your power goes out, it doesn’t mean the power company has personally wronged you.  What it means is that this amazing privilege that you’ve had all your life is having a temporary problem.  If an item at the store was put in front of the wrong price tag (probably by some other lazy shopper who decided they didn’t want it but didn’t care to put it back where it belongs) it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to the wrong price.  I saw a woman at target the other day arguing that she should get a $100 dollar coffee maker for $25 dollars because it got pushed over a foot in front of a price tag for a coffee grinder.  It’s amazing how quickly everyone becomes a lawyer when they’ve found a way to cheat the system.  Don’t get me wrong.  The system has flaws.  The system and I have had some ups and downs.  But there are methods to combating the system effectively; in a way that gets results for all of us- not just you.  Just realize that we’re all in this together.  Take a few bad breaks.  They’ll make you tougher anyway.

    People who cheat in relationships:

    I don’t know guys.  I’ve had a lot of friends try to defend this to me on a situation to situation basis.  I don’t buy it.  Maybe I’m just naive, but I just think it’s plain terrible.  Just make a decision.  And if you can’t, then just lay your intentions out honestly from the beginning.  I have a hard time with the excuses.  Hell, I’ve been plastered drunk before while in a relationship, been out at a bar with my guy friends, and STILL thought to myself “I’m totally in a relationship and I know the rules here”.  And I think that was the same night I fell asleep in the men’s room.  When it all boils down, it’s up to whether you’re going to honor the agreement or not.  And if you’re can’t do it, just pick up the phone and have the guts to say it’s over.  But maybe that’s just me…


    Really I could go on forever.  But the patterns are beginning to present themselves, right?  I realize there are times when you have to be assertive, or confrontational, or whatever.  That’s okay.  That’s part of being human.  But there is a right way to do it.  Fight in your weight class.  Don’t slug someone who can’t swing back.  Get it out of your head that you’re elevated in some way.  You’re not.  You’re just a sack of organs like the rest of us humans.  And honestly, just being a human in the first place means you’re not that great anyway.  You can’t even fly, dammit.

    I can’t think of a single situation where I regretted doing something good or making someone feel nice.  However, the vast majority of regrets in my life are those moments when I cut someone down.  When I took advantage of someone.  When I used some form of power I had at a given moment and weaponized it.  Those are the moments that haunt me.  Don’t fill your life with those moments, because in the end you’re just going to feel empty.  

    I realize most of us are scared that we won’t be remembered for some grand achievement.  I realize that causes us to want to push our way to the front of the line.  Just don’t, because I’d rather hang with a forgettable saint than an accomplished dick anyway.


    August 6, 2013

    How’s it going folks.  I’ve been kind of embarrassed at the extent in which I have been neglecting this thing lately.  A couple of weeks ago I started back up at work.  I work on a television program, so like school, I get summers off between seasons.  As a result, having work start back up immediately after three months of doing absolutely nothing takes some getting used to. Now that I’ve shaken most of the rust off, it’s time to get the old cognitive activity back up and running.  Anyway, on to what I wanted to talk about:

    Those of you living in the state of California who own a smart phone most likely were startled by a pretty jarring noise from your phone last night.  Some pretty upsetting things went down in Southern California yesterday, and as a result, California issued it’s first state wide cell phone Amber Alert.  Basically it was like receiving a text message that described the incident, the suspect’s car’s make and model, and its license plate number.  The message was accompanied with a very loud, dissonant tone.  (Similar to a weather alert tone, for those of you who live in places with, you know, weather).

    I’ll admit, it startled me.  I didn’t know what it was, and it was alarming.  I tweeted about it because I was curious if others got it as well.  However, I quickly realized what it was and thought “oh, okay. it’s appropriately alarming because this situation is alarming” and “how brilliant, now a vast majority of people in the state know what to look for, they’ll probably catch this guy”.  Well, apparently a large number of other people had different reactions.  Reactions more like this:


    On one hand, I hate to pick on one person.  However, on another hand, my right hand, the hand THAT WORKS, I really don’t hate to pick on this one person at all.  Why?  Well, for one, his tweet kind of sums up a lot of what I saw people ranting about last night, so it’s convenient in helping illustrate my point.  Two, he’s still whining about it, so obviously he doesn’t really care what people think.  And three, he just kind of seems like a shitty person.

    So upon my further perusing of the web and twitter, I saw that many people were inquiring about this “annoyance” and wondering “who thought it was a good idea to scare me half to death with this”, etc.  I saw articles and how-to’s posted immediately on how to disable this setting and comments on those postings by people expressing their fury that it was even enabled in the first place.

    Now, I know humans are inherently terrible.  It is what it is.  I’m not cynical, I’m just realistic.  I also realize that Southern California contains a high concentration of these terrible humans.  However, I was always comforted by the hope that a lot of those people would shed their terrible-ness in a time of crisis; that selfishness would be paused momentarily and a common ground found for the sake of the greater good.


    Instead, here is what happened:  You’re singing badly to music in your car, or watching some awful TV show, or you’re doing some other meritless activity and your phone DARES to interrupt it with some inconvenient news about two kids being abducted by a maniac?  AND IT PLAYS A LOUD NOISE TOO?!  That noise is scary man!  And I don’t know these kids!!

    Now, not everyone had this reaction.  I saw a lot of cool stuff about people calling in to report cars matching the description, praising the program for casting a wide net, etc.  Honestly though- the fact that even ONE person had a negative reaction to it really, really, bums me out.  I hate to double-really.  I know that’s some first-grader-trying-to-make-his-word-count shit, but seriously.  Really, really, (really) bummed.

    Our phone gives us so many different ways to waste our time.  It gives us infinite methods of becoming detached and cold.  Hell, I’m guilty. I’m not above admitting that.  I waste TONS of time on my phone…

    …but is it too much to ask that when it tries to do some good for somebody else for one second you just let it happen without throwing a fit?  Your shitty tweet will still be tweetable in a second.  Your shitty word will still be playable in a second.  Your picture of your shitty cat will still be instagramable in a second.  Your shitty life will hold on for a SECOND.  

    These two kid’s lives might not.


    August 4, 2013

    So I used to make these videos all the time as kind of a sad coping mechanism to help me deal with the fact that I no longer have time to play in a band or with other people due to my heavy work schedule.  However, I wanted to do one of these for old times’ sake as a little tribute to a band I just can’t seem to stop listening to called The Menzingers.  If you don’t know them, check them out.  This is their song “Home Outgrown”.  I don’t do it justice, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a fun one to play.


    July 23, 2013

    I totally owe you guys a post.  Sorry.  Things have been kind of tense lately.  I recently started back up at work, which is a trip and a half.  However, I wanted to share something that I’m sort of proud of.

    Some of you may remember I used to write, direct, and occasionally perform in a Los Angeles sketch comedy group called Ant Farm Recess.  It was a super fun time and gave me a constant creative outlet. One of the videos I directed went sorta-viral online, which was a huge self-esteem boost.  Anyway, this sucker was written by my good pal/roommate Craig Dickey (@wittydickey on twitter).  It also stars my other good pals Libby Thomas, Aaron LaPlante, and Chad Wilson.  Check it!

    'til next time folks!


    July 4, 2013

    I’m going to tell you guys why the casino is one of my all time favorite places. Put that eyebrow down and let me explain:

    I realize that casinos leave a pretty bad taste in the vast majority of people’s mouths. Totally understandable. They’re undeniably gross and you’re all very responsible people. Kudos. Bear with me though. This isn’t a post about why I love poker (which I do, we’ll talk about that later). It isn’t a post about the fact that doing something irresponsible can be extremely thrilling (which it can be, it’s partially why that “drugs” thing is so damn popular). It’s a post about how I, as a creative person, consider this place to be a character goldmine. You won’t find a better place to “people watch”. Now, although casinos as a whole are a riot when it comes to the people you’ll encounter, I’m going to focus on the specific game of poker for two reasons:

    1.) It’s all I play. I don’t play any game where my opponent is “the house”. I want to look a human being in the eye realize I’m head to head with them.

    2.) Whether you intend to or not, you’re going to learn a lot about someone at a poker table. Especially if you’re good.

    All things considered, I don’t play all that much. Regardless, every time I do I walk away with handful of new stories. Despite all of the many different types of people I’ve encountered at poker tables, there always seems to be some combination of the below eight people. Now, I realize this all sounds very judgmental and exploitative. Well, that’s why person number eight is so important. No one is exempt from the scrutiny. Also, piss off. It’s art. What you call exploitation, I call an homage to the human condition.

    1. THE BRO

    You can see him already, can’t you? Sports-related t-shirt. Baseball hat. Shitty facial hair. Maybe a shell necklace if you’re really lucky. Usually he has headphones in his ears. Probably listening to the latest rap chart-topper on repeat. Sometimes they’re pretty sharp players, but most of the time their ego is their undoing. They’re a lot of fun because they take everything so seriously. Just like everything else in life. They toss “pussy” and “faggot” around every time a hand doesn’t go their way. They’ll never admit fault. They are the guy you hate in high school, on the highway, or in the bar. He is the douchebag “other guy” in your romantic comedy.


    This guy shovels gravel for ten hours a day, so who are you to judge how he spends his hard earned money? Budweiser, Pabst, or Miller. Even if he’s not the best player, he comes here every Friday night, so be careful: he’s going to get good. Hard guy to read though, and not much of a talker. Probably should be spending time with the wife and kids instead of playing cards, but mind your own fuckin’ business. This is his one thing. Besides, if he makes some extra cash he can start chipping away at that above-ground pool for the kids. He is your small-town hero’s dad.


    Oh man this guy is a bummer. Hate to see him. Super talkative. Even though you just met him, you are his closest friend. His wife left. Probably because of the card playing. But from his point of view, she was just mad at him for hanging out with his “pals”. This guy will lose and buy back in every hour. Keep track of how much he spends in one night. It will shock you. His wallet has a thousand in cash upon his arrival and is empty when he walks out. It always makes you feel guilty when the saddest person at the table is the easiest to make money off of, but he knew what he was in for. Seriously though. Be his friend for the night. Ask him about his grandchildren. It’ll make his week. He’s the cat your hero pulls out of the tree to impress the girl.

    4. THE WOMAN

    Well, the sad truth is that a lot of the guys here aren’t going to take her seriously. It’s a disgustingly misogynistic bunch. To the rest of the table she’s “sweetheart” and “honey” and “darling” and “princess”. As a result, she usually has a pretty big chip on her shoulder. The problem is that when you play with something to prove it can cloud your judgement and cause you to make mistakes. The plus side is that a man attempting to flirt makes for a sloppy poker player, so that balances the playing field a bit. Let’s face it. It’s more fun than the other moms’ book club and more satisfying than tennis on Sunday morning. She’s your million dollar baby.


    I honestly have no story for this guy. I don’t know what he does for a living. I don’t know who his family is. I’m pretty sure he’s immune to lung cancer. He is always there. His face betrays nothing. He knows your cards. He knows your tells. If he’s in a hand, get out. He can read your mind. I don’t know how, but stay the hell away from him. He’s magic or something… and trust me, he’s seen some shit in his day. Oh man, I’m telling ya. Don’t expect any sympathy. Fold. Now. Your hero won’t understand his methods until the end. Then it will all make sense.

    6. THE DRUNK

    Kind of like the sad-sack, but with a lot more confidence. Like, way more than necessary. Usually unemployed. Poker is how he makes a living now. You can smell the whiskey on his breath from across the room. He’ll bang on the table, knock over his chips, scream at the dealer, etc. He is very superstitious. Probably armed. If you play a stupid hand and win, you better watch your back in the parking lot. He’ll be at the table all night until he gets grabby with a waitress and is dragged out by the floor men. Then, you’ll look around the table and mutter “holy shit”, but the rest of the table will shake their heads, smile, and say “ah Joe’s a nice guy, he’s just a little lonely”. He’s your hero’s love interest’s dad.


    Dark sunglasses. Blazer. Gold rings. Gold chain. Bluetooth. Overweight. Brilliant card player. He owns an auto-body shop or something. A big bet for you is child’s play for him. Don’t think he has the winning hand? Doesn’t matter because his bets exceed your rent. His family doesn’t care about how much time he spends at the casino because it means a new kitchen, a new bike, a new TV… shit, a new car. Try to start a conversation with him, and he’ll literally just stare at you until you break eye contact. Which you will. Stay away from this dude. Even if you can take him down, he knows a guy who can have you killed. He’s your hero’s evil boss.

    8. ME

    I don’t have much money really. Maybe after Christmas or something I’ll decide to treat myself to a game of poker as a gift. But it’s not really about the money. The money is just the stakes. Every great game has stakes, just like every good story has conflict. Whether it’s bragging rights or a trophy, stakes are what it’s all about. That being said, I love the game- not the gamble. Then again, I’m one of those people who believes poker is 30% luck and 70% skill. I have enough skill to really get a kick out of the game, and the 30% luck is the great equalizer. So why am I here? Because “the great equalizer” is what I never had much of. Especially in sports. I’m a very competitive person, but a terrible athlete. So give me a game where skill is aligned with personal intellect and mix in a portion of cruel, unforgiving, fair luck and I’m sold. I’m also a film major. Talk about going all in on a questionable hand.

    The nice way to tie this all up would be to say “I’m the hero”, but that’s if it’s my story. Hell, if you’re one of the other seven players, I could be fuckin’ Darth Vadar for all I know.

June 27, 2013
So every now and then (usually when I’m having a tough time writing) I get an itch to do a little graphic design.  You know, just for the hell of it.  This is a band I’ve been really into lately, so I thought I’d make a retro looking record jacket inspired by their style.  I’m in no way connected to these guys, just a big fan.  You should check them out though; they’re good fun if you’re into pop punk.
    High Res


    June 27, 2013

    So every now and then (usually when I’m having a tough time writing) I get an itch to do a little graphic design.  You know, just for the hell of it.  This is a band I’ve been really into lately, so I thought I’d make a retro looking record jacket inspired by their style.  I’m in no way connected to these guys, just a big fan.  You should check them out though; they’re good fun if you’re into pop punk.